Check Out These 6 Extravagant Baller Safes to Secure Your Heirlooms

When it comes to securing family heirlooms, everyone has their own crazy method of doing so. Some rent out bank vaults, while the less fortunate hide these heirlooms under their beds.

However, if you’ve money to spare, and lots of riches to guard then it’s imperative that you own home safes. Nevertheless, if you don’t wish to station your precious riches in a basic metal safe the solution is to opt for a luxury safe.

In fact, why not pick from these 6 extravagant safes that are flaunted by the billionaires of today.

luxury safe

  1. Boca Do Lobo Millionaire

As the name suggests, this one is a luxury safe designed for the filthy rich. Almost sharing the resemblance of the safe used by fictional Scrooge McDuck, this one is covered in gold and features golden leaf designs on the outside. Its insides feature dial-dotted doors securing a polished brass safebox that is placed strategically to hold up sets of drawers.

These drawers are ideal to stack gold bullion bars, and other priceless ornaments or artifacts.

  1. Stockinger Imperial

Another luxury safe designed for the filthy rich, the Stockinger Imperial; with its minimalistic look is designed to fit any home aesthetics. Featuring gold plated handle resembling a cufflink, it possesses inside compartments that are conditioned to fit in any watch or jewelry.

Moreover, it comes with an emergency bolt that can lock the whole rig, in case, thief decides to crack safes

  1. Brown Safe’s Damascus Steel Chronos

If you’re looking for a safe that has the power to stay immune to the ministration of thieves, then this Brown Safe’s Damascus Steel Chronos is one to pick. Originally, Brown’s focused on making safes for the military that could not be breached easy.

Today, Chronos is their limited edition watch safe that imbibes some of the most secure policies to keep heirlooms safe. It has alarm integration system, GPS notification, and tracking system, along with ballistic armor plating. This makes it nearly impossible for intruders to break into this luxury safe.

  1. Underwood London Leather Winder

One of the most sophisticated safes for your home, the Underwood London Leather Winder is manufactured by talented German Company Stuv. This one features a regal look eluding British vibes. Inside it offers 25 watch winders along with six drawers each under the protection of a specialized key

  1. Agresti Armored Armoire

If you solely want a luxury safe that screams money then consider buying a safe like the Agresti Armored Armoire. Handcrafted in Florence and almost 5 feet in height, this one is made from elm burr and features biometric-locking solid steel doors. Additionally, it has 17 drawers with handles plated in pure 24-karat gold.

  1. Döttling GrandCircle

Reportedly only 20 of these limited edition Döttling GrandCircle are still available in today’s markets. This one comes with drawers that have 52 watch winders both at the top and bottom. Further, it also stacks a minibar, a climate controller, along with a tiny stereo.

Well, weren’t these oozing extravagance? So, why not get yourself one of these and invest your money fruitfully. Combining ‘security and rich’ these safes will ensure your precious heirlooms are housed the way they deserve.