Videos Are Ruling Digital Marketing Strategy

Videos have become incessantly popular tools of trades among digital marketers. Today your competition is probably using videos in newsletters, emails, landing pages, social media and via recorded webinars to build a long-lasting relationship with marketing

After all, videos are interactive, can be made quirky and impress web audience like no other. This is why videos should be an integral part of your digital marketing policy.

In fact, why not see for yourself why videos are ruling the digital world with ease?

Research by HubSpot states on average, businesses publishes 18 videos per month and high-quality video content bolsters conversion like no other.

  1. Videos are Vital for SEO

Research by HubSpot state that a business poll suggested 65% of customers visit a marketer’s website once they find a captivating video.

For example, a good teaser of the latest smartphone before its release can steer potential customers to visit the website to know more. This video made should be of high quality with proper integrated keywords and content.

Then only will it gain more clicks and traffic making your website rank high? In fact, as per your digital marketing game, invest in tools like Google’s Video Intelligence API to find trending keywords for videos.

This will help your video content reach the targeted customers with ease. Moving on, the trick to better video SEO is:

  • Short engaging videos with good graphics and quirk.
  • Optimize videos properly (invest in a good digital marketing company)
  • Create top-notch quality thumbnails.
  • Don’t forget to transcribe your video script.

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  1. Videos Prevent Bounce Rate

Bounce rate happens when a visitor enters a website and leaves soon after. This reduced time makes traffic fall and renders your website weak in Google’s face. As a result, creating videos like ‘how to’, ‘tips to’ and other engaging posts on videos can help retain website visitors while providing high retention rates.

This will add weight to your website and help in the successful implementation of your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Video Equals to More Conversions

Video on landing pages can boost conversion by more than 80% according to the report by Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics 2016. The reason being on a landing page a video offers more description of a product which can entice audiences more.

As viewers, therefore, become engaged the chance of them becoming web customer’s increase. This is another reason why videos are invaluable for any digital marketing strategy.

  1. Videos are Sharable

More than images and texts combined a video generally garners 1200 shares as per reports by Wordstream data. In fact, on LinkedIn platforms videos are shared 20 times more than other content.

This helps videos reach a variety of target audience. Further, videos offer practical solutions to issues which make them provide a good user interface.

  1. Video is Captivating

According to a study by the University of Minnesota by the Management Information Systems Research Center study, people process visuals faster than text.

This is why viewers remember 95% of visual content more than written content.

On this note, ensure to invest in authentic videos as per your digital marketing to boost conversion and improve traffic.